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Information about the Sukhoi 35


In mid-year offering 70 fighters F-15 and F-16 by the United States just at the height of the Cold War, East Bloc pilots practice their air superiority to the West lost until 80 AD with the introduction of two new aircraft the very capable Soviet Su-27 and Mig-29 re-balance of power in the heavens were created. fighter Su-27 and Mig-29 even in cases far better able to operate from its Western rivals.

Design and construction of the two fighters and their weapons, ammunition and a huge technology leap in the airline industry occurred in the Soviet Union and a new chapter in making efficient and modern aircraft in this country began. 

Before making Su-27 and Mig-29 Russian characters really serious to say, especially in manufacturing aircraft and its weapons were not. To show this weakness can be equipped by Russian fighter planes to Iraq to boost performance in the French war with Iran noted.

Su-27 in the West with Flanker be able to learn from their rivals in what the Russian and American what the first letter and the reason for imposing long to reign in the heavens.
Su-27 of Aerodynamic body design and extraordinary uses. This special design capability and Aerodynamic maneuverability above theSu-27 does in fact Flanker its time and now host of Manvrpzyrtryn fighter.
According to Sukhoi Design Bureau designed super Flanker has tried the next model of their fighters to use this design, even as far as possible. Thus fighter like Su-thirty thirty third-Su Su-35th and ...The body design of the Su-27 very much used in the design of their family members Flanker are known.
Su-35BM latest model of the family Flanker , which reached the mass production and being transferred to the Russian air force to counter NATO and U.S. air power.
Flanker means the attacker has the means Jnahyn thing suddenly attacked from both sides and be based on job hunting and it is attacked by this name ( Flanker ) according to the specifications and features Su-27 by NATO on it has been.
Aircraft Su-35BM to a hunter and all means to be a great offensive attack and has a surprise considering the specifications of this fighters Hunter, NATO dubbed the Super Flanker has given.

Su-35BM a fourth-generation fighter and the Russian advanced to the following objectives are designed:
- Gain air superiority 
- Types of hunting drones and manned aircraft, such as secrecy F-22and F-35 
- Attack ground targets and destroy enemy infrastructure systems to help AAD 
- Floating attack 
Featuring Su-35BM can be pointed to the following:
- The body of Su-27 
Aerodynamic body and use this modified system, along with Hunter the ability to drive extraordinary maneuverability and gives the air battle of defense and escape from the enemy is very easy to do it. 
- Low radar cross section 
- Information Systems provider for a very long-range targeting 
- All digital cockpit displays with LCD large and versatile
- Rod probe for aerial refueling 
- System Information submitted to the code and password for air units, land and sea 
- 14 places for international cargo such as weapons 
- Use the wide variety of bombs and missiles, air, land and sea 
- Using electronic sensors and a very powerful processor can calculate very high 
- Use of time American Positioning System ( GPS ) and Russian Positioning System ( Glonas )
- Reduce dependence on land bases 
- Very powerful radar 
- The ability to simultaneously conflict with the goals of land, air and sea 
- Very high operating range (more than 4000 km) 
And ... 
(This aircraft due to the widespread use of electronics and intelligent computer like a cloud seems to be flying.) 
Considering various factors such as price, performance and ... Can be said SU-35BM is now the world's most efficient aircraft.
During a comparison study conducted by one of the great centers of Europe International Aviation Su-35BM and F-22 air battles in the hope of America is considered certain that SuperFlanker than theRaptor has the right to shoot first and in the air battle Raptor has the power to defeat.
Su-35BM Flankr most popular member of the family in Russia.Popularity Su-35BM 100 percent due to its being indigenous. Unlike most construction company Sukhoi fighters and the radar screens of the West and making more use of France, radar screens and Su-35BMare all made ​​in Russia.

Length: 21.9 m 

Height: 5.9 m 
Wing length: 3.15 m 

Engines: Two Saturn AL-41F1A drift along with the modified system
Maximum weight during Take-off with maximum loading capacity: 34.5 tons
The most significant fuel storage and transportation: 29 tons 
Maximum weight of portable arms: 8 tons 
Fighter flight ceiling height: 18 km 
Maximum range without using external fuel tanks: 3600 km 
Maximum range with external fuel tanks: 5000 km 
Maximum speed: Mach 2.5 
Gravitational force for a maximum tolerable Fighter: G9 
Maximum tolerable deviation angle: 180 degrees (360 degrees from both the sources mentioned above!) 
Levels conducive to distance fighter from the ground up in normal conditions: 400 m 
Amount of distance required for landing aircraft in normal conditions: 650 m
Sensors and fighter Avyvnyk

Fighter Su-35BM radar system ( Tikhomirov Niip Irbis-E (N035E with passive electronic conductivity rays as the main radar uses radar Moreover, the ability to use radar fighter Phazotron NIIR radar or (Sokol III N031 Zhuk-MSFE radar as well as the original is.
Tikhomirov NIIP Irbis-E from an active electronic scanning antenna (ESA ), infrared and a computer system Jlvngr Ekvs-E Btsvm Solo35uses. The ability to detect a radar target radar cross section of 400 m 3 km has 30 goals and can simultaneously detect 30 target as well as diagnosis can continue your search.
Radar Irbis-E can easily target enemy positions for air, land or sea to be used. Fighter Su-35BM radar Irbis-E can simultaneously target four ground attack and consider the two target be attacked simultaneously.
Another distinguishing feature of this unique aircraft and radar clashes with the ability to target multiple types of different nature. For example, the same fighter can engage ground and air targets and attack them.
Sukhoi -35 BMW also a radar to control the fighter uses reverse situation. The radar in the two engine aircraft is located. The radar also Tikhomirov NIIP is.Radar Tikhomirov NIIP equipped with infrared system is oriented behind. The aircraft system laser distance finder and panels are also used.
The aircraft is equipped with ultra modern system Knirti L175M Khibiny-M to do is electronic warfare. Create noise and disturbance waves used in the enemy, creating a disturbance and problems in targeting the Su-35BM by the enemy early warning system disorders enemy when Su-35BM is targeting them and ... Part of the system and Zayf Khibiny-Mis.

All parts of this powerful PC fighter and also the status of back and forth under fighter and this information through two screen LCD and large Plasma screens in the helmet the pilot at his disposal (the pilot) will be able to pilot decisions to adopt appropriate. In fact, this computer system as a pilot, works much the pilot workload reduced.

Determine the route for navigation and fighters of the two satellite navigation systems ( GPS and Glonas ), a radio navigation system, digital maps and ... Uses


SU-35BM a multipurpose fighter of all means. The fighter with having a wide range of latest and most advanced weapons, air, land and naval build Russia's ability to perform different missions Darestan. It does not matter for fighter aircraft to targets or goals to start to attack ground or sea! Su-35Bm made ​​in such a way that can easily destroy their duties and eliminate enemy equipment anywhere in the planet the earth to do.

Advanced super missile air to air family Alamo and Adder such as R-73, R-27, R-77 really great ability to hunt on any fighter to make a bird.

The hunter can use this sort of very long-range missiles with active radar guidance system such as air to air missile Dvrbrdtryn world's missiles 

Novator R-72nd KS-172S-the 1st range also has 400 km. ( KS-172S-firstexhibition of masks in 2007 with IBM -35 Sukhoi fighter displayed. The missile can be any object the bird height of three meters from the ground to 30 km height from the ground speed of more than 4000 kilometers per hour with maneuverability twelfth g to target and destroy easily.)
Su-35BM of the latest laser guided bombs to attack ground targets uses. To attack targets and naval vessels of various types of fighters also cruise missiles anti-ship missiles such as the world's best cruise missiles Yakhont-M range over 300 kilometers uses.
Su-35BM , like other family members Flanker has a powerful 30 mm cannonGryazev-Shipunov GSh-three hundred and first is.
Fighter Weapons profile now fully see this: 

Air Arms ( AAM: Air to Air Missile )
Novator R-72nd (KS-172S-the 1st) or Vympel R-37M (Arrow 
400 km range with active radar guidance system / Max Tir 5 of the missile by Su-35BM are portable.

Vympel R-seventy-seventh / Rvv-AE (Adder 
100 km range with active radar guidance system / maximum of 12 Tir missiles bySu-35BM are portable.

Vympel R-27Et [first ] ( Alamo 
130-100 km range of system thermal conductivity (heat detector) / maximum of 4 Tir missiles by Su-35BM are portable.

Vympel R-27Ep [first] (Alamo 
130-100 km range with a probe beam guidance system / Max 4 Tir of missiles by the Su-35BM are portable.

Vympel R-27Er [first ] ( Alamo 
130-110 km range with active radar guidance system / max 8 Tir of missiles by theSu-35BM are portable.

Vympel R-73E (Archer 
30 km-range system thermal conductivity (heat detector) / maximum of 6 Tir missiles by Su-35BM are portable.

Ground weapons ( AGM: Air to Ground Missile and the Naval Weapons ( ASM: Air to Sea Missile ) 
These long-range ground to air missile? (Model rockets were not disclosed, but some of the specifications published by the Sukhoi company!)
Maximum one stone of the missile by Su-35BM is portable.

Long-range air-to-ground missiles? (Model rockets were not disclosed, but some of the specifications published by the Sukhoi company!)
Maximum of 3 July missile by Su-35BM are portable.

Long-range anti-radar missiles? (Model rockets were not disclosed, but some of the specifications published by the Sukhoi company!)
Tir 5 maximum of missiles by Su-35BM are portable.

Long-range anti-ship missiles? (Model rockets were not disclosed, but some of the specifications published by the Sukhoi company!)
Tir 5 maximum of missiles by Su-35BM are portable.

Raduga X-59M [K] Ovod (Kazoo 
140 km range with image guidance system / Max Tir 5 missile from Su-35BM are portable. (Note also the dual purpose missile type AGM -type and ASM are.)

Zvezda X-31A / P Krypton 
140-70 km range with active radar guidance system and the probe beam / Max 6 Tir of missiles by Su-35BM are portable. (describe the type of missile AGM is.)

Molniya X-29Te [L ] ( Kedge 
Board laser guidance system with 10 km / maximum of 6 Tir missiles (laser bombs) by the Su-35BM are portable. (describe the type of missile AGM is.)

Smart bombs with 300 kg warhead and guidance system Laser / maximum of eight aircraft by laser bombs Su-35BM are portable.

Fsue Kab-500Kr/Od 
Smart bombs with 500 kg warhead and guidance system features / maximum of eight aircraft bombs by Su-35BM are portable.

Fsue Kab-1500Kr/Lg 
Smart bombs with 1500 kg warhead and guidance system Laser / maximum of three aircraft laser bombs by Su-35BM are portable.

10 km range rocket guidance and laser guidance system / maximum of six aircraft rockets by Su-35BM are portable.

500th kg class bomb 
Gravity bombs (without navigation system) / up to 10 aircraft from the bomb by the Su-35BM are portable.

250th bomb kg class 
Gravity bombs (without navigation system) / maximum of 32 aircraft from the bomb by the Su-35BM are portable.

Non-directional racket / 120 aircraft from six rockets in pods by the Su-35BM are portable.

Non-directional racket / maximum of 30 aircraft in six rocket pods by the Su-35BM are portable.

Non-directional rocket / rocket maximum of six aircraft by the Su-35BM are portable.

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